The Last Empath of Doctsland is a BEST SELLER! Plus, sequel spoilers...

It's been just under two months since the release of my debut novel, The Last Empath of Doctsland, and I'm very pleased to reveal that it is already a bestseller! The ebook has topped the Amazon charts in several categories (and on several occasions as well!), and has been given a new ebook cover complete with a Best Seller sticker.

Publishing a book was a dream come true for me, I never imagined it would achieve this kind of success, but I am thrilled to say the least. To everyone that purchased the book, I can't thank you enough. Your support means the world, and I hope you enjoy the book! And if you do, please leave me a review on Amazon, Bookbub, and/or Goodreads.

To my readers, I have a question. The Last Empath of Doctsland was written as a standalone, however I have received a lot of feedback expressing interest in another book. If you've read the story and would like more, which would you prefer: a prequel focusing on Jion, Hope, Siofra, and Viktor, or a sequel following Lisalya and Viktor?


What am I reading now: The Dragon Republic by RF Kuang. I just started this follow up to Kuang's debut The Poppy War recently, so I'm not able to say a whole lot. However, Kuang has continued with the intensity that she set with The Poppy War. The Dragon Republic continues to follow Fang Runin and her band of rebel shamans called The Sike as they strive to kill the Empress in the aftermath of the latest Poppy War.

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