I'm a Signed Author!

Good Morning everyone- I have some exciting news I can finally share! Just this week I was offered a contract with Darkstroke Books for the publication of The Last Empath of Doctsland. After much review, question answering, and research I made the decision to sign with them.

Darkstroke Books is an imprint of Crooked Cat publishing. They are small, but have a wonderful and successful team of authors of which I am incredibly proud to join the ranks. If you have a chance, check out their website and explore the titles in their repertoire (you might just snatch up your next good read)!

So what does this mean for me, my career as an author, and for The Last Empath of Doctsland?

Well, firstly it means my career as an author has begun! I'm going to have a work in print by the end of this year. I already have another project in the works, so I'm hoping that this is just the beginning of a long and (hopefully) fruitful career!

This also means that you and I will be able to have a copy of The Last Empath of Doctsland in our hands this year! That's right, 2020 is producing something exciting (it's about time)!

I will be sure to keep you all abreast of new developments as I can. For now, check out my author profile on Darkstroke's website here:

Thanks for your support and love!

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